Lost Woods Cryptid

Neurodivergent | Queer | Native | He/Him | 19



Hi my name's Foxtail!

  • 19

  • Zuni

  • Neurodivergent

  • He/Him

  • Genderqueer trans guy

  • Gay

  • And just for fun my personality type is ISTP and my favorite color is pink :P

I have avpd and I struggle a lot with social interaction. I'm working on it and I try my best, but if I don't answer messages right away, reply to comments, or other stuff along those lines I promise it's not personal! If you have a hard time with this kind of stuff too I absolutely get it and I won't be annoyed or hurt by similar actions.


I love video games, they're my main interest, RPGs, life/farming sims, & horror are my favorite genres. My longtime favotite series are Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil, Kingdom Hearts, Elder Scrolls, and Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons (Bokujo Monogatari). Also I know cult classic isn't a genre but I tend to love most of the ones I play (and I'm always looking for obscure game recommendations...). Outside of video games I like Lemon Demon, mbmbam, monster factory, and art!

Pronoun/gendery details

I'm totally fine being referred to with typically masculine terms like dude, guys, bro, man, ect in a gendered or nongendered way. I don't want to be referred to as x gender socialized, x gender bodied, xTx, or by agab. I am a man and I don't consider others refering to or thinking of me as such to be incorrect or misgendering, however if you refuse to acknowledge the queerness inherent to my gender identity you are misgendering me. I don't necessarily consider myself binary or nonbinary.