Lost Woods Cryptid

Neurodivergent | Queer | Native | He/Him | 19



I start tags for things people may not want to see with 'cw' example: cw transphobia. If you want anything tagged or if I forget a tag let me know and I'll fix it right away! If you want me to use a specific tag outside of my typical cw _ format let me know.

I tag 'long post', 'serious', 'personal', 'vent', 'negative', and for my pointless ramblings I use 'fox chatters'

I tag spoilers for new stuff and on request for older stuff

I would really really appreciate if people could tag trypophobia (lots of small holes/black dots irregularly patterned and close together like beehives, lotus flowers, even things like empty sunflower heads), abuse mentions, and eye strain (especially high contrast patterns, visual snow is weird)