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Ohhhm oh my,, so I finally got around to watching that episode of supernatural y'know the destiel one right and like... That was the most hetero platonic deniable I love you I have ever witnessed. Like that could super duper easily be taken platonically with very little reaching to be done. The only thing that can really guard against it is the "the one thing I want I can't have" line. And then dean just does not react at all the next episode to castiel being dead??? He doesn't even ask about him. Like damn one sided and vauge to the end poor guy

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Lmao so I watched the last episode today and like??? Castiel is pulled out of super hell apparently I guess? But he's only mentioned in exactly two short sentences, he never makes an appearance, he never sees Dean. They left it completely open, was his "I love you" romantic was it platonic? Who knows ;) Like honestly unless you're not straight or are familiar with fandom shipping culture I doubt you'd even see it as romantic. Like the person I watched it with is a huge fan but isn't primed to see it, and it went completely over their head. And I think that was the point. The ultimate queer bait

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Now that you mention it, I am curious how the hell the show will end... and if they'll somehow manage to outdo the Destiel scene (I doubt it but who knows at this point?).

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