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Alskfdj my little sister introduced me to her therapist today and she says this is my baba "Tay" (a nickname she's called me since she was a baby) and and this lady I swear to fuckm she asks if that's my indian name

It's been really bumming me out lately that I had this argument with my friend.... There was this one YouTuber who made a did you just assume my gender "joke", and when I mentioned this was transphobic to my friend they didn't understand why it was. And I mean that by itself was kinda jarring but I wasn't gonna hold it against them or nothing. So I explained as best I could why it was offensive and how it was being used in context as insulting. Then it just kinda started going downhill..... Like they were trying to argue on why it might not be offensive all the time if used against "oversensitive" or "unreasonable" trans people. Or that making that joke didn't make them transphobic cause they might not have known (when the context it was used in was to highlight how ridiculous something else was by comparing it to trans people). And it was just.... Wow. At that point I was pretty upset so I told them I was gonna take a break to chill out and then come back. Mostly cause I didn't want to snap at them or be harsh. And the whole time it seemed like they just didn't understand why I was irritated. When I did come back with a better plan for articulating myself and what I wanted to address I didn't even get a chance, they completely blew me off and started telling me about their cat in the same sentence... I just, I feel awful about the whole interaction and frankly I'm still pretty upset. I don't want it to just fester, but I don't know how to bring it up again and make it clear how serious it is to me. We've been best friends since we were six and we've never had an argument that I remember. Plus I've been out to them since I was 14 and they've been supportive. I've been processing this for like 3 weeks and I want to give them the benefit of the doubt but I honestly can't wrap my head around it. It just really sucks coming from my oldest and only friend...

The age of self repression has ended now I buy narwhal squishes, blueberry scented unicorn plushies, and squishmallows because they're cute and sensory and I like them

I've avoided doctors for years but I decided to look for one again and damn I'm glad I did cause I had an amazing experience. The place I went to used to be a queer focused clinic but now they're more of an all around healthcare practice. So I mean I was hopeful but I wasnt sure how far from that they'd moved. But yknow that experience when you walk into space you know is safe and you can be out? It was absolutely that. There were pronoun stickers on the desk, everyone asked me my pronouns, they were even part of my patient profile. The intake forms asked my gender which I could fill in or choose from a dropdown and one of the dropdown options was genderqueer, they also let me decline to answer sex at birth. All the medical info posters and stuff you typically find in doctors offices were inclusive and plenty were aimed at queer people specifically. It was just woah, I'm used to feeling out of place in doctors offices not included and especially not like my being trans is no big deal.

Sometimes I forget that having long hair and wearing jewelry is considered gnc by most people until I get misgendered

Cute guy flirted with me.... brain shut off

Why do I keep having this weird dream about getting stuck in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere with just a gas station and a motel 6 is my psyche trying to tell me something...?

Lmao sometimes I think back to the first asshole endocrinologist I went to when I was 13 she was the only one in the state even willing to see minors and she told me I had unrealistic expectations of hrt and it wouldn't change much, that no doctor was allowed to prescribe it to me under 16, and that my mother would never change her mind to agree and that wasn't unreasonable of her. I'd like to tell her that I did in fact find a doctor willing to treat me at 14, that my mom did agree and is in fact a decent ally now, that hrt did everything I hoped it would and more, and that I'm so incredibly happy I ignored her and that she got her ignorance & transphobia out of trans care <3

I've been trying to change part of my routine for over a year and I cant get it to stick but I also cant find any advice because all of it is either aimed at parents of little kids or adults who are able to do way more than me (have jobs, family, go to school ect.) And it's really frustrating tbh

Lmao I bought my mom an oil diffuser for Christmas and I walked into her room today and guess what was there...

Yknow I may know fuck all about math or science but at least I'm not a high school senior suffering through another year of homework and classes like I could be right now...

Hnnnnnn so I'm getting referred for an asd evaluation and similarly to when I was getting diagnosed with adhd I have to fill out a form full if super confusing questions like "what was your childhood like?" I? Dont know? What part?? Uggghhhhh and the very first question is "What is you biological sex?" Like who wants to know? It's none of your business? Why the fuck are you asking?

Hate that thing where my brain stops cooperating with my mouth and I just can't speak like I still have words! I'd like to say them but I just cant figure out how to do it and trying to make myself is so exhausting and frustrating I'd really rather not but people still expect me to and get mad when I don't...